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Senior Portrait FAQ


Senior year is finally here, and your senior portraits are a super important part of your year! We want this experience to be nothing but positive for you, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you're totally satisfied. Please let us know if you have additional questions that we can help you with.


For help with making your Yearbook Pose Selection, click here.

Dress Code


This is where I will include text for specific school dress code.

Photography Schedule


This is where I will include text for specific school photography schedules.


What if I can't make the planned appointment time or day?


If you can make another TIME on the day(s) assigned, please do that. If you cannot make it at all on the assigned day(s), additional dates will be made later with your school. Please contact us after the start of the school year for other dates and times.


What sitting options do you offer?


We are offering you a new style of senior sitting, aimed at giving you an excellent variety of poses at a fantastic price. All photography sessions will be at your school, during special "senior only" events. You will love the variety and quality of the images you will receive, and your family will love the price!


How many poses will I get?


Four to six poses will be taken, from traditional head-n-shoulders shots, to close-ups, to three-quarter length. We will then use post-production techniques to create a full selection of 20 to 24 images for you to choose from. Your gallery will include all of these images. See the sample page for some ideas of what you might expect.


Can I change outfits?


Anything you can easily slip on or off at the camera, like a jacket etc. There won't be an opportunity to leave the camera to change and then return.



How much of my body will show?


You will be photographed from close-up to three-quarter length (approximately from the knees up). See the sample page for examples. Click here.


How do I view and order my portraits?


When your proofs are ready, in approximately three to four weeks, you will receive an email* with the link to your own personal proof gallery. You will have full access for the remainder of the school year to view and order portraits from that webpage. Full packaging options will be on display as well.


* email addresses provided by the school, and by you when you have your portraits taken.

How do I choose my yearbook pose?


When you enter your gallery, there will be instructions in a pop-up window explaining how to make your choice. You will also be told which images are acceptable by your school's yearbook for those poses. Please also note the deadline for making that choice, which will be contained in the email you receive with your gallery link. Don't worry, if you miss the deadline we will make a choice for you. For help with this, click here.



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